SM No Longer a Vocal Powerhouse? NCT Wish Under Fire for Lacking Vocals 

A recent encore performance of NCT Wish, a unit of boy group NCT, is being harshly criticized for having lacking vocals. 

On July 10, the Japanese unit of boy group NCT, NCT Wish, appeared on the music program “Show Champion” and performed the Korean version of their song “Songbird”. 

In addition, as the boy group won 1st place on “Show Champion” on the same day, they lingered on stage for an encore performance.

However, this encore performance quickly came under fire, as Korean netizens find the group’s vocal lacking, especially when considering that their agency, SM Entertainment, is known for debuting groups with vocal powerhouse.

nct wish

So far, related topics on Korean forums such as “theqoo” and Pann Nate are being filled with scathing criticisms, with only a few defending the boy group:

Below are some comments from netizens:

  • They say SM is strong when it comes to vocals, but what is this?
  • Their vocals are seriously lacking 
  • Is SM no longer a vocal powerhouse? Why is their new group like this?
  • They are usually not this bad, but today’s encore is disappointing… I wonder if they members were not in good conditions
  • Even regular people can sing better at the Karaoke. 

Source: theqoo, Pann Nate

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