Sandara Park reminisced her times living in the Philippines: “I borrowed and watched 10 Korean videotapes each”

Sandara Park shared about her days living in the Philippines in the past.

KBS 2TV’s “Hong Kim Coin,” which aired on August 11th, was held as a “Summer Vacation Best Friend Special” where the cast invited their best friends.

Hong Jin-kyung’s best friend Gree, Kim Sook’s best friend Kyeong-ri, Cho Se-ho‘s best friend Irene, Joo Woo-jae’s best friend Lee Ki-kwang, and Woo-young’s best friend Sandara Park appeared as guests on the show.

Gree appeared as Hong Jin-kyung’s best friend. He didn’t know it was a “best friend special,” which is why he wondered, “Am I her best friend?” Kim Sook also joked, “Isn’t she just a friend of your father?” making everyone laugh.

Joo Woo-jae, who complained that he had no celebrity friends, introduced Lee Gi-kwang, saying, “He’s my friend.” Kim Sook doubtfully looked back and forth between the two, saying, “You two are not best friends, right?” to which Lee Ki-kwang said, “Today is our second time meeting each other.”

The “Guessing the song title by the lyrics quiz” followed, and Sandara Park successfully guessed Cha Tae-hyun‘s “I LOVE YOU”. Everyone was impressed by the fact that Sandara Park guessed two questions correctly, and the PD said, “Didn’t you live abroad for a long time?”

Sandara Park said, “I went to a Korean videotape store in the Philippines and borrowed 10 videos a week. I watched it until I increased my knowledge.”

While selecting the song, Hong Jin-kyung shouted “The 90s,” and the PD introduced the song, saying, “There is no Korean who doesn’t know this song.” Nevertheless, Hong Jin-kyung showed no confidence, saying, “I won’t know anyway, even after looking at the lyrics.”

Kim Sook then shouted the answer, saying, “It is 015B’s ‘Between Love and Friendship’,” but it was not the right answer. In response, Hong Jin-kyung said, “It’s “It is Pinocchio’s ‘Between Love and Friendship’,” changing only the singer and got the correct answer. Hong Jin-kyung was delighted, saying, “So this is how it feels after getting it right.”

After doing the outdoor shooting for two hours, Cho Se-ho suggested, “Let’s bet on three points because we don’t have time.” Joo Woo-jae also agreed, saying, “Let’s go all at once, it’s hot,” and Lee Ki-kwang also replied, “I agree”.

After that, Sandara Park has won the benefit by getting the last question.

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