“Running Man” Jeon So Min becomes Filipino boxer Pacquiao’s favorite member, surprised everyone with her sudden dive into the pool

“Running Man” members were flustered when Jeon So Min suddenly jumped into the pool of Manny Pacquiao’s mansion.

The new episode of SBS’s “Running Man” on April 23rd showed the members visiting the mansion of Manny Pacquiao on their trip to the Philippines.

While enjoying a nice meal, Manny Pacquiao gave special gifts to the members he likes. Pacquiao picked Yoo Jae Suk. Although the gift was just an R coin, Yoo Jae Suk was very touched because Pacquiao chose him. The next member Pacquiao picked was Jeon So Min.

running man Jeon So Min

A race called “No Coin No Gain” was held that day. In particular, the members had to search for the 50 R coins that Pacquiao hid around his mansion. Kim Jong Kook got three coins just by going around inside the house. Yang Se Chan, Yoo Jae Suk, and Haha found a bunch of R coins in the middle of the pool

While the members hesitated, Jeon So Min boldly jumped into the pool. However, Yang Se Chan succeeded in collecting the coins without having to enter the water. Surprised by Jeon So Min’s unexpected dive, the members reacted, “So Min, why did you do that?”

running man Jeon So Min

Since Jeon So Min couldn’t get any coins despite making a great effort, Pacquiao willingly handed over his R coin to her. Later, he also gave hints to help Ji Seok Jin avoid the last place. Pacquiao then gifted team uniforms to “Running Man” members and they promised to meet again.

After the visit to Pacquiao’s mansion, the members returned to their resort with lots of R coins.

Source: Daum

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