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“Running Man” Haha teased Kim Jong Kook, “Traveling to LA? I guess he misses his son a lot”

Singer Kim Jong Kook showed off his “unexpected” personal connections.

The broadcast of SBS’s “Running Man” on April 30th featured a race to get travel expenses at the beginning of their long travel project.

Whenever the members agreed altogether, they could accumulate 1 million won for team travel expenses, and if they failed to agree as a whole, only a few members could receive favorable benefits. The members were torn between obtaining travel expenses for their trip as 7 and gaining money for themselves.


That day, the production team allowed the members to write and present the travel plans they wanted. In particular, as expected by everyone, Kim Jong Kook chose LA. Yoo Jae Suk teased Kim Jong Kook, saying “Don’t you have to visit your in-laws’ house first when you go to LA?”.

Kim Jong Kook revealed his plan to reduce costs, saying “I plan to perform at a casino to reduce expenses.” He continued, “I have a lot of acquaintances in LA who run Korean restaurants. I will make sure that you can eat meals at the restaurants for free”, adding, “I know a lot of people in LA. I will get sponsors and hold a tour.”

In particular, Kim Jong Kook boasted about his amazing personal contacts, saying “If we encounter any dangerous situations, I have a close brother working for the FBI”, but the members didn’t believe it. Haha commented, “I saw it too. I saw his phone number.” Kim Jong Kook showed an innocent expression, saying “We’re really close.”

Eventually, the members were told to choose between green or orange uniforms. As soon as Yoo Jae Suk left, the members started gossiping about the trip and laughed. Leaving before Haha, Kim Jong Kook commented, “I’ll go since there’s no one else to gossip with. That kid (Haha) also likes LA”, showing his trust in Haha.

However, as soon as Kim Jong Kook left, Haha jokingly said, “You must have missed your son a lot? You get divorced? You’ll miss him”. Hearing everything before leaving, Kim Jong Kook showed a fierce look, saying “He said I had a daughter not long ago. Now I even have a son?”.

Source: Naver

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