Rumors that Kris Wu was taken to the hospital for treatment of STDs has been debunked

Over the past few days, rumors spark in the Chinese entertainment industry over the suspicion that Kris Wu was taken by two police officers to the dermatology department at the Beijing Ditan Hospital to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

On Chinese social media, there were even rumors that the male artist was diagnosed with stage 3 syphilis. Some netizens also spotted the doctor’s name and claimed that Kris Wu was being treated by the doctor who has many years of experience and specializes in diagnosis and treatment of dermatology, sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea, genital warts,…

The picture of the back of a man believed to be Kris Wu being shackled and handcuffed at the dermatology department of a famous hospital has caused netizens to discuss non-stop.

This rumor was spread on Weibo with an insane speed, making the public extremely confused and surprised.  However, today (September 12), fans suddenly noticed that the bloggers’ posts that spread the rumor of Kris Wu being taken to see a dermatologist have been labeled “This information is verified to be false” by Weibo. This means that the man in the photo is not Kris Wu. The information being spread recently is just a groundless rumor.

Many influential Weibo bloggers’ posts sharing the rumor of Kris Wu suffering from STDs are labeled “Information verified as untrue” by Weibo

Perhaps, this is the first time in Weibo history that there has been such a strong move in eliminating fabricated and false news. Netizens consider this to be the right thing to do, which contributes to a clean and healthy space of the social media platform and the entertainment industry, as well as avoids misinformation being spread. As for Kris Wu, the public is still waiting for official announcements from the authorities.

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