Red Velvet’s Wendy’s reaction when watching her bandmate’s boyfriend flirting 

A video of Singer Crush and Red Velvet member Wendy is gathering hot reactions.

Crush appeared on SBS Power FM ‘Wendy’s Young Street‘ on the afternoon of the 26th. Crush, who is continuing his active career by making a comeback with his new song ‘Rush Hour’, had an interesting time with DJ Wendy that day.

During today’s broadcast, Crush performed a stage of his new song live. Wendy, who watched it, was delighted and had a unique reaction. On SBS Radio’s official YouTube channel, a video was uploaded and quickly attracted attention.

In particular, the video was posted on SNS with the title “Wendy watching her sister’s boyfriend act cute.”

Netizens commented: “Both of you are so cute”, “Crush is so funny”, “Acting cute in front of his sister-in-law”, “Crush is so excited”, “i love it”, “He is Joy’s type”, etc

The reason for these reactions is that Crush and Red Velvet member Joy are dating publicly. Crush and Joy officially admitted their love relationship in August last year. It is known that the two developed into lovers after working together on music in 2020. At that time, Joy participated in Crush’s single project “Homemade” as a featured song.

Source: wikitree

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