Uhm Jung-hwa confessed worries after undergoing thyroid cancer surgery… Burst into tears at the appearance of Lee Hyo-ri

Uhm Jung-hwa took on a new challenge with “Hidden Singer 7”.

On the September 30th broadcast of JTBC’s “Hidden Singer 7”, Uhm Jung-hwa, who celebrates her 30th debut anniversary this year, appeared as the original singer and created an episode full of twists and emotions.

During the recording, Uhm Jung-hwa could not hide her excitement in front of the audience, whom she hadn’t met for such a long time.

Uhm Jung-hwa showed off her lively charm by pouring out old buzzwords from the 90s from the moment she appeared then constantly made bold remarks. 

However, she then drew attention by confessing her deep concern that she might not be able to sing for a long time after undergoing thyroid cancer surgery 10 years ago. Uhm Jung-hwa said, “Overcoming it took a long process, and I was very scared”, confessing why she had to think carefully about making her appearance on “Hidden Singer”. In response, the audience warmly cheered for her new challenge. 

As soon as the first round was over, MC Jeon Hyun-moo raised the tension by claiming that it was the most explosive episode in the history of “Hidden Singer Season 7”.

Shocked by the skills of the impersonators, Uhm Jung-hwa said, “I was very surprised”, making the viewers curious about the fierce competition that even made a singer with 30 years of experience tremble.

In particular, some top stars also appeared to show support for Um Jung-hwa and helped her feel more confident. Yoo Jae-seok and Lee Hyo-ri showed up together with several leading Korean stars. Surprised by the surprise visit of the guests, Uhm Jung-hwa even burst into tears as if she had endured her feelings for such a long time.

“Hidden Singer 7”, which included the match between Uhm Jung-hwa and the impersonators together with the surprise appearance of top stars, aired at 8:50 p.m on September 30th. 

Source: daum

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