“Reborn Rich” becomes less interesting without Lee Sung Min, facing the challenge to end successfully with only Song Joong Ki’s hard carry

It’s now more burdensome for Song Joong Ki to lead “Reborn Rich” alone without the presence of Lee Sung Min.

Episode 14 of “Reborn Rich”, which aired on December 18th, showed Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki), who was excluded from inheritance due to the will that Jin Yang Chul (Lee Sung Min) revised before he died, making a huge amount of money using the card crisis.

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Following Lee Sung Min, who withdrew after the death of his character in episode 13, Kim Hyun, who played Lee Pil Ok, who was found to be the real culprit of the traffic accident, also stopped appearing in the drama after the 14th episode. It is because Jin Do Joon helped Lee Pil Ok flee abroad before she got caught by prosecutors as a murder suspect.

Episode 14’s focus went from Jin Do Joon to Jin Young Ki (Yoon Je Moon), who became the president of Sunyang Holdings Association with the help of chief secretary Lee Hang Jae (Jeong Hee Tae), and Jin Dong Ki (Jo Han Chul).

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Song Joong Ki’s counterattack also shone in this episode. He made a huge fortune by reselling Jin Yang Chul’s secret legacy of 600 million dollars and the 2% in Sunyang C&T stakes he achieved by taking advantage of the card crisis for 1.6 trillion won.

However, it is hard for viewers to avoid the feeling of disappointment with a “Reborn Rich” without Lee Sung Min. The acting of Song Joong Ki and other actors seems to lack the weight to maintain the immersion level. At this moment, it is easy to feel how much Lee Sung Min’s presence contributed to the drama.

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In the latest broadcast, Lee Sung Min appeared briefly through the raw video of him revising his will, but even that little screen time also left a strong impact. After explaining why he did not leave any property for his grandson Jin Do Joon, Jin Yang Chul smiled brightly and proudly said, “Do Joon is my grandson. The grandson who resembles me the most”. This scene touched all the viewers.

“Reborn Rich” has only two episodes left until it ends. The remaining episodes will reveal whether Jin Do Joon will be able to buy Sunyang as planned, the real culprit who killed Yoon Hyun Woo (Song Joong Ki) before he was reborn into Jin Do Joon, and the ending of the romance of Seo Min Young (Shin Hyun Been) and Jin Do Joon.

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However, viewers are raising both concerns about whether “Reborn Rich” would become boring without Lee Sung Min and expectations for the drama to create a perfect development with Song Joong Ki’s hard carry until the end. No one can deny the fact that Lee Sung Min proved his unrivaled aura as the center of the story. Attention is focused on what performance Song Joong Ki will show in the two final episodes.

Source: Daum

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