Real-life version of “The Glory”: A man got sprayed with gasoline and burned by firecrackers on his birthday

It was belatedly reported that a young man in his 20s was severely burned after his acquaintances set fire on his bare skin right on his birthday.

According to SBS on Jan 5th, a group of young people, who had known the victim Park (22 years old at the time), forcibly dragged the victim to a dark open space at around 11 p.m. on July 15th, 2020, saying they wanted to celebrate Park’s birthday.

the glory real version

Park was suddenly seated in a chair with a cloth covering his head and his ankles tied with tape. After that, they poured gasoline around Park, and placed firecrackers on both of his knees. Eventually, the firecrackers exploded and fell on the gasoline, due to which the fire spread to Park.

Park said, “It was so hot, painful, and agonizing that I fell (on the ground). The perpetrators saw me being tied up like that but still told me to just roll. Meanwhile, I kept burning. I had thought, ‘So this is how I die’. I asked them to call 119, but they said the ambulance couldn’t come easily because that place is too dark and far away.”

the glory real version

Park’s mother said, “The prosecutor said, ‘Even if I agree or not, it will still be a suspended sentence’. Wouldn’t that mean we can’t receive any money to pay for the treatment at all? We had no choice but to cry and agreed (to do so). When I required them to pay for the treatment, they said they didn’t have money.”

the glory real version

Park suffered serious third-degree burns on 40% of his body. With skin transplants and reconstructive treatment, the hospital expenses have already exceeded the settlement money long ago. Currently, the medical expenses to treat Park are reported to be worth 100 million won, more than twice the settlement amount. Park’s side has filed for an additional civil lawsuit.

Source: E-Daily

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