Reactions of Japanese netizens to fake dating rumor of LE SSERAFIM Kim Chaewon

Japanese netizens said it is embarrassing for them and ask foreigners not to hate Japanese people over the false claim.

On January 18th, Japanese news site Shukan Bunsun claimed that they will unveil the dating news of “world-famous Kpop idols”. Later on the same day, the site published a false dating rumor of LE SSERAFIM Kim Chaewon, even attaching it with edited photos of Kim Chaewon with a male rapper.

Kim Chaewon

One photo, in particular, was edited from a selfie of Chaewon and LE SSERAFIM member Sakura, as pointed out by fans.

le sserafim sakura chae won

As a result of these false claims, Japanese netizens are showing strong reactions.

Kim Chae-won
Kim Chae-won

In particular, on the same day, Japanese netizens wrote on Twitter tweets such as “Even if you hate Japanese media, please don’t hate the Japanese.”

The dating rumors between the two turned out to be fabricated. A’s side also refuted that it was “unfounded”.

Kim Chae-won
Kim Chae-won

In response, Japanese netizens posted comments such as “Korean media is laughing at Japanese weekly magazine Bunshun”, “I hope foreigners don’t hate Japan”, “I feel sorry”, and “I’m sorry if you are offended”.

Other Japanese netizens did not spare their criticism, leaving comments such as “Raising such rumors confidently is a disgrace to the whole world. I feel sorry for Kim Chae Won” and “Starting a rumor using photoshopped pictures. What on earth were you thinking?”

Source: Wikitree.

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