“Queenmaker” Chae Ryeong is based on a real-life figure 

Viewers notice “Queenmaker” Chae Ryeong bears a lot of resemblance to a real-life figure with a single glare. 

Kim Hee Ae is making a comeback with “Queenmaker” as a former member of the future strategy planning office, Hwang Do Hee. She strives to make Oh Seung Sook (Moon So Ri) the mayor of Seoul. In order to do so, Do Hee has to compete with other electorial candidates who are lobbying for votes. One of the competitors is Do Hee’s superior, Eun Chae Ryeong (Kim Sae Byuk), the managing director of Eunseong Group. 

Chae Ryeong in “Queenmaker” 

As the story progresses, Chae Ryeong’s power-tripping behaviors were exposed with a hidden camera. She conducted violent behaviors toward a taxi driver, abused her employee, and yelled and threw documents at the director board. 

Chae Ryeong’s power-tripping behaviors 

In light of the exposure, Chae Ryeong had to make a public apology and hid her expression behind her hair. Standing in front of hundreds of cameras, when a reporter asked if she was having intermittent explosive disorder leading to her bouts of violent behaviors, Chae Ryeong glared at them, showing her true color. 


Chae Ryeong in “Queenmaker” (up) and in real life (down) 

According to Insight Korea, Chae Ryeong is based on a real-life figure, Cho Hyun Ah, heir of the Korean Air. In 2014, Cho Hyun Ah was reportedly angered when nuts on an airplane she was on were served in their original packaging instead of a plate. In response, she questioned the cabin crew chief about standard procedure, assaulted him and ordered him off the plane. 

In February 2015, Cho Hyun Ah was sentenced to 1 year in jail for obstructing aviation safety. She served 5 months and was set free. Korean Air paid the cabin crew chief 50 million won in compensation. Cho Hyun Ah also resigned from several executive positions. 

Cho Hyun Ah was considered the real-life model for “Queenmaker” Chae Ryeong 

Source: Insight 

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