Puppy In Han So-hee’s Instagram Story Suddenly Became A Star Amid “Transit Love” Scandal

The dog in the photo used by Han So-hee unexpectedly gathered attention.

On March 16th, netizen A posted the photo recently used by Han So-hee on his social media account, saying, “A collection of Kang Soe’s photos! I’ll treat you better, Kang Soe~♥♥.”

It turns out A was the actual owner of the dog in the photo, and his dog’s name was Kang So-soe. Kang Soe’s photo was previously used by Han So-hee in an Instagram story on March 15 to deny the rumor of her dating Ryu Jun-Yeol, who recently broke up with his 7-year girlfriend Hyeri.

han so hee-dog meme

The dog in the photo was making a threatening face with his paw on a knife, saying, “Explain the situation now.” This photo used to be viral on the Internet and now it became viral again after Han So-hee used it to address her issue.

Some netizens worried that the dog’s owner really let him touch the knife, but A explained that what he gave to the dog was a toy knife and the result of practicing with the remote control. Kang Soe was known to be an abandoned dog which started a new life after being adopted by A.

Netizens visited A’s account and showed interest in Kang Soe’s photos, leaving comments such as “Even the owner of the dog posted by Han So-hee appeared,” “The dog owner took the opportunity,” “Can’t you upload the original puppy photo in high quality,” “It’s the superstar puppy,” and “The superstar puppy is pretty.”

Meanwhile, Han So-hee, Ryu Jun-yeol, and Hye-ri’s transit love scandal has become a big issue that took the spotlight.

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