PRODUCE X101’s JYP trainee Yoon Seo-bin got into a controversy regarding his dark past

Yoon Seo-bin, a trainee at JYP Entertainment and a contestant of PRODUCE X101, is suffering from a controversy including being a bully in the past.

Photos of Yoon Seo-bin‘s past were posted on various online communities and SNS recently.

A netizen who introduced himself as Yoon Seo-bin’s classmate posted photos of Yoon’s graduation, saying, “I thought I should upload photos first so that you guys will believe me. I will post pictures from his elementary school and middle school days. Now he has changed his name to Yoon Seo-bin, but his real name is Yoon Byung-hwi.

The writer also added, “Yoon Byung-hwi was so famous in Gwangju that everyone who is about my age will know him. Because from middle school, he was a bully who caused school violence every day.”


If this is not true, I’m willing to be sued,” the writer said along with his story.

The article above spread quickly and started to cause controversy.

If the writer’s claim is true, it could become a drag on his goal of appearing and debuting on “PRODUCE X101.”

Moreover, the incident will probably be even more severe to Yoon Seo-bin who gained much attention just because he belonged to JYP Entertainment, a major management company.


After the first post, this account has been adding credibility to their claims with many other past photographs being released one after the other on online communities.

The photo shows Yoon Seo-bin drinking and smoking as a minor.

Meanwhile, Mnet’s “PRODUCE X101“, season 4 of “Produce 101”, airs every Friday night at 11 p.m (KST).

Source: nate

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