Pre-debut photos of the best 3 rookie groups of Kpop at present, many fans will be amazed at (G)I-DLE’s photos

Let’s take a look at some pre-debut photos of these potential boys and girls

It is undeniable that management companies have great contributions to “develop” their artists’ talents and… look. In the early of 2018, among the rookie idols, the trio groups: fromis_9, Stray Kids and (G)I-DLE are considered the most outstanding ones. Each group has gained some important achievements to take more steps closer to the title of Best new Kpop artists in 2018
Let’s take a look at some pre-debut photos of these potential boys and girls

Fromis_9 (24/1)

Getting popular with the survival show “Idol School”, fromis_9 has a strong basis due to the amount of fandoms and the stable recognition from the public. When the list of the member for fromis_9 was officially decided, they got many praises from the audiences because fromis_9 has so many pretty and eye-catching members. In particular, some people even regarded them as “TWICE 2018 version”!

Saerom Chaeyoung Hayoung Jiwon Jisun Nakyung Seoyeon Guyri Jiheon

Stray Kids (25/3)

Getting known by a survival show just like fromis_9, Stray Kids is the next male group debuted from JYP Entertainment. The speciality of Stray Kids’s formation is that all of the members gathered together and then came through the JYP’s challenges to win themselves a position in the group.
Bang Chan Han Lee Know Seungmin Woo Jin Hyunjin Felix I.N

(G)I-DLE (2/5)

Among the 3 idol groups that were listed, (G) I-DLE is the group that debuted latest but also the group with the most achievements. Only after 20 days, they have won the first trophy on a music show, their brand value is rapidly raising and the female group is getting a lot of love from the Kpop fans in their hometown in particular and international in general.

Soyeon Yuqi Shuhua Miyeon Soojin Minnie

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