“Phantom” director apologizes to Park So Dam…”I didn’t know you weren’t in a good physical condition. I requested you so many things”

The preview of the movie “Phantom” became a tearful wind.

Actresses Park So Dam, Honey Lee and director Lee Hae Young drew attention by shedding tears at the press preview and press conference of the movie “Phantom” held at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of Jan 11th.

Park So Dam

The beginning was a compliment from Honey Lee. Honey Lee looked back on her chemistry with Park So Dam, “I met Park So Dam for the first time through this work. I loved her living spirit. Park So Dam is a solid actress no matter who she meets. It was really different when she went into acting. She’s younger than me, but I respect her a lot.

Park So Dam said, “Strangely, hearing Honey Lee’s voice still comforts me. Park Cha Kyung (played by Honey Lee)’s line ‘Live’ was a very necessary word for me at that time. I felt like I met a very good person at a time when I was confused alone. The energy I received from her throughout the filming was so great.” She then cried.

Park So Dam Honey Lee

Park So Dam took a break after being diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer after finishing filming “Phantom” at the end of 2021. And “Phantom” coincidentally became the comeback work of Park So Dam, who returned from surgery.

honey lee

Park So Dam shed tears and confessed to her colleagues, “I was grateful throughout the filming and received a lot from the seniors. I want to give everything back through the movie’s promotion. Thank you and I love you.

Director Lee Hae Young as well as Honey Lee shed tears at Park So Dam’s confession. Director Lee said, “Everyone filmed a lot of difficult things. In particular, as you know, actress Park So Dam wasn’t in a good physical condition. I didn’t know that, so I cried because it seems that I requested her so many things.


Sol Kyung Gu encouraged, “So Dam had a surgery as soon as the filming was over. I’m so proud of you.

Park So Dam, who was emotional, said, “I’ll show more in the future as I have worried many people. I’ll live a healthy life. I hope everyone is healthy.

“Phantom” will be released on Jan 18th. It deals with the unstoppable operation of the real spies and the struggle of people who are suspected of being spies planted by anti-Japanese organizations in the Gyeongseong and Joseon Governors in 1933.

Source: Nate

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