“Peel mine off too”- BTS Jimin ends the Perilla Leaf Debate with his witty answer, captivating fans with his cute jealousy in the Shrimp Debate

BTS’s Jimin made female fans’ hearts flutter with his answer to the “Perilla Leaf Debate”.

BTS released the second video for “BTS MBTI Lab” on their official Youtube channel ‘BANGTAN TV’ on May 13th.

On this day, BTS took the MBTI personality test, which has become a hot topic. Facing various situations of their own types, the members talked freely about the ways to deal with each case and spent time understanding the differences and similarities between different types of MBTI.


At the end of the test, they concluded that MBTI is not an absolute indicator of a person’s personality and changes can be made depending on the situation and the time they take the test. Lastly, the members told each other to just “do it for fun”. However, the bonus clip at the end of the video revealed the members having a heated debate over a recent controversial issue.


Regarding the so-called Sesame/Perilla Leaf Debate: Is it okay to let my significant other help my friend peel off a perilla leaf when I’m there?”, the members’ answers were clearly divided. Then, Jimin ended the controversy with his wise answer, fluttering the hearts of fans.


In response to the debate, Jimin said he would ask his lover to peel off the perilla leaf for him the way she did for his friend. In particular, Jimin said “Peel mine off too” in a cute way, making ARMYs jealous.


In the “Perilla Leaf Debate”, which could turn into a big fight, Jimin captivated female fans by giving a wise answer that makes arguments become meaningless with his honey-dripping words and lovely action.


In the “Shrimp Debate: Is it okay to let my lover peel and give shrimps to someone else?”, Jimin said it was not acceptable and emphasized, “Give it to me. You’re my lover, you can give it to me. Why him?”, giving ARMYs a heart attack once again with his cute jealousy.


Seeing Jimin, who is known for his gentle way of speaking, give lovely and sweet responses to such debates, fans reacted explosively, saying “I don’t care about the perilla leaf debate anymore. Jimin is so lovely”, “His cuteness is crazy. All controversies ended with his one word”, “He’s so cute, I want to peel the perilla leaf off for him”, “From now one, the answer to the perilla leaf debate is ‘Peel mine off too’”, “He’s melting us! I’m jealous”, “Park Ji-min, never get married, please!”, etc. 

Source: StarMT

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