Top 10 most searched male and female K-pop idols on Google in America

As expected, BTS and BLACKPINK members lead these rankings. 

The popularity of K-pop is no longer limited to within Asia, but has spread globally, especially in America. Recently, the rankings of 10 most searched male and female idols on Google USA was posted on Korean online community theqoo, gaining much attention. It comes as no surprise that BTS and BLACKPINK take the top positions, but the rankings of IU, TWICE and Stray Kids are perhaps not within expectations. Let’s find out which idols made it into the Top 10 in each male and female category. 

BTS and BLACKPINK are the most searched K-pop groups in America 

Top 10 most searched male idols

BTS’s popularity in the States is overwhelming, so of course, BTS members occupy the first 7 positions in the top 10 most searched male idols on Google USA. BTS’s impact is getting more immense as they continue to make history by sweeping big awards in America. BTS also constantly collaborates with Western artists and is invited to attend many award ceremonies, TV shows, and music events outside of Asia. 

Among BTS members, Jungkook is the most searched member in America. Following the “golden maknae” is V in 2nd place. The ranks of the remaining members are Jimin, Suga, RM, Jin and J-Hope, respectively.

8th place in the Top 10 most searched male idols in America is an outstanding 4th generation boy group member, Hyunjin of Stray Kids. Although Hyunjin went through a tough time due to school bullying allegations, his popularity in the States has not declined one bit. Besides his dreamy visuals, Hyunjin attracts fans with strong dancing skills and the ability to express himself in every performance. 

HyunjinStray Kids
Hyunjin is 8th place 

EXO’s Kai ranks 5th in the ranking of 10 most searched male idols on Google USA. Famous is not only music but also fashion, Kai is said to be the EXO member whose visuals and charm suit the taste of American fans the most. He also promoted in America for a while as a member of project boy group SuperM

Kai’s popularity in America is no joke 

10th place belongs to another member of Stray Kids, Felix. Felix and Hyunjin are the only 4th gen idols who are included in this ranking. Korean-Australian idol Felix stands out with his eye-catching appearance and great talent in both dance and rap. 

FelixStray Kids
Felix is the 10th most search male idol in America 

Top 10 most searched female idols

BLACKPINK is the name that the audience will think of first when it comes to the ranking of the 10 most searched female idols on US Google. Recently, the YG girl group has continuously accomplished great achievements and collaborated with US-UK artists.

Although it has been more than a year since their last music release, the charm of BLACKPINK is also reflected in events from fashion and advertising. Besides, the 4 members are also ambassadors and muses for world famous fashion houses such as Chanel, Dior, Saint Laurent, Celine, Bvlgari and Calvin Klein.

Lisa is the most searched female idol.

Lisa is the most searched female idol on US Google. Following BLACKPINK’s maknae is the main rapper Jennie. Rosé came in 4th place and oldest member Jisoo finished in 5th place.

IU surprised many fans when she interrupted the BLACKPINK streak to take the 3rd place. Although the female idol had never voiced her plan to advance to the US, she was searched a lot on Google. This proves that the charm and talent of “Kpop’s National Musical Treasure” is not inferior to juniors.

IU is highly searched in the US.

In 6th place is the mixed angel Jeon Somi. Possessing a beautiful face, perfect body, stylish fashion sense and Western-style music vibe, Somi has a certain attraction to international audiences. This achievement of Somi makes fans extremely proud, affirming that solo is the right path for her.

Jeon Somi
The decision to debut solo brought Somi many outstanding achievements.

Some members of TWICE are also in the top 10 most searched female idols on US Google. The order of the girls is Momo (7th), Tzuyu (9th) and Sana (10th). This made the fans extremely proud, and frankly responded to the anti-fan who once said that “TWICE is not famous in the US”. Before that, the concert of the JYP Entertainment girl group in the United States also sold out in a short time.

Irene (Red Velvet) is the last female idol on this list. She is also the only SM Entertainment artist in the top at No. 8. This made the audience extremely surprised when Irene did not have many outstanding activities in the past time, instead, her junior aespa got the company’s push to the US market.

IreneRed Velvet
Irene is the only female idol of SM in the top 10. 

Looking through the list of 10 most searched male and female idols on US Google, fans are extremely surprised and proud of their idol’s achievements. The audience thinks that this ranking will have many changes with the breakthroughs from new faces.

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