(G)I-DLE said they considered their comeback as a re-debut after Soojin’s withdrawal 

(G)I-DLE proved that they never died with “I NEVER DIE”

As a member withdrew on suspicion of school violence, both the group and its fandom had to suffer confusion and pain during a hiatus of 1 year and 2 months. However, it did not weaken them. Rather, they became stronger.

As much as fans’ expectations, (G)I-DLE made a comeback with a well-made album. The album name contains their determination “I Never Die” and (G)I-DLE‘s unrivaled charisma were heralded.

(G)I-DLE held an online media showcase at 4 p.m. on March 14th to commemorate the release of their first full album “I NEVER DIE.”

Leader Soyeon said, “I feel good to be on stage after a long time,” adding, “As we’re back with a new look, we’re curious and looking forward to how you’ll listen to our music.”



“I Never Die” is an album with a special meaning for (G)I-DLE. It is their first album since Soojin left and their first full album to be released since their debut. It took the members a year and two months to prepare.

Soyeon said, “I wanted to show (G)I-DLE’s spirit and determination in the album name itself,” adding, “It’s been a long time since our hiatus.” “I prepared it with the thought of making a new debut for us,” she added.

“It contains our feelings and thoughts about all the prejudices in the world,” she said, adding, “We thought about how the five of us should look like growing up. I wanted to make an album that proves its value by itself.”

Regarding the identity of (G)I-DLE. Minnie said, “In a word, I want to say ‘Just Me’. We just wanted to express (G)I-DLE as (G)I-DLE,” she stressed. 

(G) I-DLE-I Never Die

◆ “Tomboy, bold and fatal”

The title song of this album is “TOMBOY,” which stands out with (G)I-DLE‘s unique confident attitude. Leader Soyeon is drawing attention as she was in charge of writing, composing, and arranging the song’s lyrics.

Straightforward lyrics such as “I’m not a doll” and “Just me I-DLE” are catchy and, as Soyeon said, “It contains a message that no one, no standard, can meet me.”

There are three visual concepts: “risky,” “chill,” and “spoiled,” meaning that the girls are dangerous, relaxed, and arbitrary, but you can’t hate them. It gives off the groups’ rebellious and bold charm.

They also pointed out their point dance. The members used their hands to show light and energetic movements, folding only the middle and ring fingers and shaking them. They ended the demonstration with a Popeye pose.

The actual stage was dignified. (G)I-DLE‘s cool chic vocals are combined with the rough rock genre. The hook “Be the Tomboy” was also addictive.

(G) I-DLE-I Never Die

◆ Soyeon, Minnie, Yuqi took parts in the album production

(G)I-DLE’s first full-length album contained a total of nine tracks. In addition to “Tomboy,” the album contains eight more songs, including “Never Stop Me,” “Villain Dies,” “Already,” “Polaroid,” “Escape,” “Liar,” and “My Bag.”

The members also put their effort into the album. First, Soyeon participated in the album production as always. She wrote and composed “Tomboy,” “Never Stop Me,” “Villain Dies,” and “My Bag.” 

In addition, fans get the chance to check out Minnie and Yuqi‘s production capabilities this time. Yuqi wrote “Polaroid” and “Liar” while Minnie composed “Escape” and “Already.”

Minnie and Yuqi participated in the production as this is their first full-length album. “I’m always trying my best in writing songs,” she said. “I’m happy to be able to play it for Neverland ((G)I-DLE’s fandom).”

Shuhua pointed to “My Bag” as a song she was particularly attached to. “It’s a song where all the members rap,” she said adding, “I hope the members will become cool rappers like Soyeon. I will learn a lot from this,” she said.

(G) I-DLE-I Never Die

◆ “The only difference from the debut era is my age”.

(G)I-DLE is celebrating its fourth anniversary this year. Soyeon calmly said, “The only thing that has changed (from the beginning of my debut) is my age,” adding, “I’m always trying my best not to lose my initial resolution as a rookie.”

Soyeon confidently said, “This album contains the value of our existence,” adding, “I hope you will recognize that the team called (G)I-DLE is a group with endless possibilities.”

When asked “Is there any title you want to get with “I Never Die?” Yuqi said, “I want to hear ‘As expected, they are (G)I-DLE’ more than anything. I would be grateful to hear that.”

Finally, the members said, “We have prepared this album with excitement as much as our year-long break. It’s an album that we worked really hard on. We hope you will love it a lot.”.

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