Gyeon Mi-ri shed tears while explaining why she opposed to her daughters Lee Yoo-bi and Lee Da-in’s debut as actresses

Actress Gyeon Mi-ri recalled raising her two daughters alone after her divorce and working as an actress at the same time, drawing keen attention. 

In the latest episode of TV Chosun variety show “Gourmet Mukbang Trip” aired on March 18th, actress Gyeon Mi-ri appeared as a guest and visited famous restaurants in Songnisan Mountain.

In addition to talking about her acting activities, Gyeon Mi-ri shared her feelings of her first marriage. The actress grew up as one of three siblings under a single mother. She also now has three children. “I didn’t have enough money (when I was young), but my mother gave me plenty of food,” she said.

Gyeon Mi-ri and her ex-husband Lim Young-gyu have two daughters, Lee Yoo-bi and Lee Da-in, who are also actresses. 

Gyeon Mi-ri-Lee Yu-bi-Lee Da-in

I wanted them to take a different path. Acting is hard and there are so many good actors,” she said. As a mother, I should encourage them, but to my children, I always said, ‘What’s that clothes?’ or ‘I couldn’t hear the lines very well.’ Looking back now, there are so many things I’m really sorry about.”

Lee Yoo-bi made her debut in 2011 with the drama “Vampire Idol” and Lee Da-in in 2014 with the drama “Twenty-years-old.” In other words, Gyeon Mi-ri raised her two daughters as a mother and a senior in the industry.

Gyeon Mi-ri-Lee Yu-bi-Lee Da-in

On the show, Gyeon Mi-ri said about her daughters, “As actresses, they have to be thinner than I am. I understand that I am well past middle age, so this is enough, but young people are not. There are basic conditions,” she said, adding that she maintains a skinny body.

Gyeon Mi-ri recalled raising her two daughters alone after the divorce, saying, “I went home right after (filming),” adding, “I didn’t even care about being tired at that time. But if you tell me to go back to that period, I can’t. At that time, I worked without thinking. I regret that I missed a lot of things as a working mother.”

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