Park Yoo Chun was sued by his former company, “Park Yoo Chun let his girlfriend use the company’s credit card”

Singer, actor Park Yoo Chun is in a conflict with his agency, Recielo company.

Park Yoochun

On August 18, a media site reported that Park Yoo Chun is planning to push ahead his solo activities. Japanese media also reported that Park Yoo Chun has returned to be active in the entertainment industry for 2 years after his withdrawal announcement. However, he is currently suffering difficulties because he has not received any salary from his company.

Recently, Park Yoo Chun posted on his Japanese fan page, saying, “I trusted people around me and believed that they were on my side. However, when they couldn’t get the thing they wanted from me, they abandoned me. I will solve the problems and try my best not to let you down.”

Park Yoochun

In this regard, on the same day, Recielo company announced a long official post to express their viewpoint. According to the post, the Recielo company was set up by Park Yoo Chun and his manager since he was in JYJ. The company signed an exclusive contract with Park Yoo Chun in January last year, but since then, the company didn’t gain any profit, and the CEO had to take loans in order to run the company.

In addition, the company has prepared to take legal action over Park Yoo Chun’s violation of the contract. They said that Park Yoo Chun had signed a double contract with a Japanese agency to proceed with his fan meetings.

In order to sign with the Japanese company, Yoo Chun mentioned the embezzlement of Recielo’s CEO and announced his termination of the exclusive contract with Recielo.

Recielo company said, “This is false information, and Park Yoo Chun had seriously damaged the reputation of Recielo and the CEO.”

Moreover, Recielo continued to exposed Park Yoo Chun. The company claimed that Park Yoo Chun used the company card to pay for his personal debt of more than 2 billion won. They added, “Park Yoo Chun also gave the company card to his girlfriend, who was living with him at that time, to buy luxury stuff. Park Yoo Chun also paid up to 100 million won for games.

Park Yoochun

Despite Park Yoo Chun’s actions, Recielo continued to support him by funding his album, concerts, and acting activities.

In the end, the company’s representatives said, “The company is suffering from serious loss due to his betrayal as well as damage caused by Park Yoo-chun’s violation of the exclusive contract. Moreover, we would have to express our position because we are also suffering from defamation damage from Park Yoo Chun.”

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