Park So-dam on “2PM Date”: “I can feel that there are many good people next to me, I think I have lived well”

Actress Park So-dam confessed how she felt that there were many good people next to her while taking a break after the thyroid papillary cancer surgery. 

In MBC FM4U’s “2PM Date with Muzi and Ahn Young-mi,” which aired on Oct 3rd, Park So-dam appeared as a special DJ. 

When asked by the listener, “Did you feel your heart flutter during ‘Record of Youth’?” Park So-dam said, “I did,” adding, “Park Bo-gum helped me a lot while filming and cried together with me when I cried.” “I miss you so much. Bo-gum,” she added. 

Park So-dam

Referring to the names of the actors she filmed with, dhe added, “I was so grateful that I was able to write down a “Record of Youth” as well because I felt like I have met such good friends of my life.” 

Park So-dam said, “I think I have good fortune. All the people I spent time with in all the works I did, including ‘Record of Youth’ and “Camping Vibes”, remain by my side and in my heart a lot.” Recalling the time when she underwent surgery after being diagnosed with thyroid papillary cancer at the end of last year, she said, “I had a lot of time to think at the beginning of this year after the surgery at the end of last year, and I knew that there were so many good people next to me. I thought a lot about ‘I have lived well’ and ‘I want to live well’,” she confessed. 

Park So-dam

Referring to the movie “Special Cargo” whose promotion schedule she couldn’t join due to her surgery, she added, “I was happy while filming the movie and also wanted to promote it while waiting for the movie to be released, but I’m sorry that I couldn’t, but please watch ‘Special Cargo’ even now.” 

Park So-dam

Park So-dam said, “There are so many good people around me,” adding, “I will try to live well and long while repaying them one by one.”

Source: Daum

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