This famous singer, who recently suffered the passing of his mother, went on the stage for fans but the performance was ruined due to the festival organizer’s mistake

The 2022 Busan International Rock Festival was held at Samrak Ecological Park in Sasang-gu, Busan on October 2nd.

Famous band NELL attended the festival and pleased Busan audiences by performing several hit songs, such as “Time Spent Walking Through Memories”, “Beautiful Jeopardy”, etc.


However, the performance plan was temporarily suspended due to the organizer’s mistake. After communicating with the audience through music, NELL members decided to break the silence and speak their minds.

At the end of the stage, NELL’s leader Kim Jong-wan said, “I always believe that it was the audience who made the Busan Rock Festival whenever I came here to perform. That’s what I thought today as well”.


He continued, “Thank you for being patient and moving on quietly despite the unintended accident”, expressing his gratitude to the audience who had waited for the performance to resume.

He then frankly said, “I was wondering if I should say this or not, but I think there is a sense of performing when I’m on the stage”, adding “Since we are having such wonderful audiences here, I think the organization of the event should not be immature”.

In addition, Kim Jong-wan revealed the fact that the rehearsal, which was set at 1 a.m that day, was delayed. He confessed, “We had to keep on waiting and couldn’t rehearse. I feel a little shameful because I don’t think we were able to show you the intro we prepared properly”.


Lastly, Kim Jong-wan said, “Since this is a festival with great audiences, of course, the size of the event is important, but I hope you (the organizer) can pay attention to the details. I’m saying this hoping that there will be better festivals in 10 or 20 more years. You may think I’m a little like an oldie, but as I’ve seen a lot of festivals disappear, I hope the same mistake won’t happen again.”

After then, the Busan International Rock Festival posted an apology on their official SNS account, saying “We are seriously taking all criticisms and feedback from the audiences”. They added, “In the case of NELL, we were not able to proceed with the festival as scheduled due to operational problems during the pre-rehearsal preparation. During the performance, there was also a problem with the sound electricity devices, so the guidance and notices were delayed in the process of resuming the performance after our safety check.”

Meanwhile, NELL is a band formed in 1999 with friends who spent their school days together. They made their official debut in 2001. 

Source: Insight

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