“Parasite” Park So-dam’s cancer can be treated if detected early

The information about actor Park So-dam’s thyroid papillary cancer is revealed. Fortunately, thyroid papillary cancer have a good treatment prognosis, with a 5-year survival rate of 99%.

As actor Park So-dam revealed that she was battling thyroid papillary cancer, people’s interest in this kind of cancer also grew. Fortunately, thyroid papillary cancer is known to have a good treatment prognosis, with a 5-year survival rate of 99%. 

Park So Dam

The agency Artist Company announced on Dec 13th that “Park So-dam was diagnosed with thyroid papillary cancer and is recovering after completing the surgery, according to the medical staff.”

Thyroid papillary cancer is the most common cancer among thyroid cancers. Thyroid papillary cancer is said to account for more than 90% of thyroid cancer patients in Korea. This cancer is relatively common in women in between 20s and 60s. In particular, it is known to be most commonly found in women around their 30s. 

thyroid papillary cancer

Reportedly, the 5-year survival rate of thyroid papillary cancer is more than 99%. This means that most patients recovered even after developing thyroid papillary cancer. Thyroid cancer is known to have a high rate of early detection through medical checkups. It was earlier confirmed that Park So-dam also learned that she had thyroid cancer after a medical examination. 

Even if you have thyroid papillary cancer, it doesn’t mean you can get surgery right away. However, if the tumor size is more than 1 cm, the number of tumors is high, lymph node metastasis is suspected or if there is a family history, a surgery should be performed as soon as possible. 

Usually, thyroid cancer patient is known to be hospitalized only for two to three days after the surgery. Park So-dam is also expected to be discharged quickly. However, depending on the patient’s condition, the hospitalization period may be slightly extended. In addition, even if you have undergone thyroid cancer surgery, periodic checkups are essential as they can recur. 

Her agency, Artist Company, said, “She will focus on recovering so that she can greet the audience in a healthy state soon in the future.”


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