Park Seo-jun to join Marvel: “I’m trying something new, no matter how small it is”

Actor Park Seo-joon’s pictorial for Marie Claire has been released. 

Park Seo-joon, who recently joined Marvel Studio films and is building a solid filmography, decorated the cover of Marie Claire’s December issue.

park seo joon

In the released pictorial, Park Seo-joon completed the pictorial with his modern styling, refreshing and masculine appearance. In particular, he perfectly pulled off both the classic and casual looks, catching the viewers’ attention at once with his skilled charms at a photo shoot.

park seo joon

During the interview, he expressed his intention of challenging new choices such as the upcoming movies “Dream” and “Concrete Utopia”, saying, “I’m trying to do something new no matter how small it is. I tend to choose titles and characters that I can perfectly express them. I want to play any role that I can do well at my current age,” he replied.

“When I hear that people gained strength from watching my works, I feel proud and more responsible as I realize that I can have a good influence on someone. For those who are watching and supporting me, I always think about whether I’m on the right path and think about how I should become a better person,” he said about his life values.

More pictorials, interviews, and videos of Park Seo-joon are available on the December issue of Marie Claire and the website of Marie Claire.

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