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Park Seo-joon on “Youth MT”, “The running scene in ‘Itaewon Class’ was filmed in 5 hours. I can’t run anymore after then”

Actor Park Seo-joon recalled the memories of when he filmed the running scene in “Itaewon Class”.

In the first episode of TVing’s original program “Youth MT”, which aired on September 9th, actors Park Seo-joon, Kwon Na-ra, Lee Joo-young, and Ryu Kyung-soo were seen reuniting for the first time in three years since the end of JTBC’s drama “Itaewon Class”.

While in the car heading to the joint MT base camp, Park Seo-joon wondered, “I’m really curious about what game we’re going to play”.

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As he mentioned the “Freeze tag” game, Kwon Na-ra worriedly said, “I’m very bad at running”.

Kwon Na-ra then recalled the scene where she ran together with Park Seo-joon and Kim Da-mi in “Itaewon Class” and drew attention when she revealed that Park Seo-joon was very good at running. In addition, it was said that it took them about 5 hours to film the running scene. 

youth mt

In response, Park Seo-joon said, “I can’t run anymore after that time”. Kwon Na-ra responded, “I even cried”, making everyone laugh.

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