Park Min Young and Xooos boast striking and unrivaled glams, both share a tie to Park Seo Joon   

Park Min Young boasts a gorgeous beauty, while Xooos shows off a “hot face” visual. 

A few years back, Park Min Young was the most well-known rumored girlfriend of Park Seo Joon after the two showed off wonderful chemistry on “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?” They committed to a two-year relationship before breaking up.

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More recently, online celebrity and YouTuber Xooos is rumored to be Park Seo Joon’s current partner.

After 17 years of working, Park Min Young has cemented a place in the entertainment industry in Korea. She has also been able to garner much attention from the overseas audience. The “Forecasting Weather with Love” star has been open about her cosmetic surgeries; she is one of the rare stars loved by the public after being vocal about her surgery.


At the age of 27, actress Park still carries a lovely beauty and bright smile that makes up the unforgettable “Secretary Kim.”

Her natural-looking and harmonious features elevate Park Min Young’s status to the gold standard that people stand by while seeking plastic surgery.


Moreover, her youthful appearance is not simply given, but a result of strict self-management. Therefore, despite pushing 40s, the “Her Private Life” actress boasts a slender figure full of vigor.

On the other hand, Xooos is known as a YouTuber with 1.5 million followers. Her real name is Kim Su Yeon, and she was born in 1994. Xooos debuted as a singer but did not achieve much success; instead, her clips on social media brought her fame and a stable fanbase.

Xooos gives off a naturally young image and a clear sense of style hailed by young people in Korea. She is dubbed an “uzzlang,” or a “hot face,” who follows the latest trends and creates new one. 

Xooos is a close friend of BLACKPINK Jennie; she previously appeared at the YG idol’s capsule collection launch event. There is a rumor that Jennie was the one who introduced Xooos to Park Seo Joon.


Neither Park Seo Joon nor Xooos has addressed the rumors.

Source: K14 

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