Actress who shows off her elegance at a hanok mansion turns out to be the wife of an ultra-rich businessman 

This actress, whose husband is a wealthy businessman making 130 billion won per year, is attracting attention.

Actress Park Joo Mi, who is dubbed the epitome of elegance, is once again drawing attention for her enormous wealth. 

On September 16th, Park Joo Mi posted a picture of her on her Instagram, saying, “I wish you only blessings.” The picture shows Park Joo Mi standing in front of an ancient hanok. 

Park Joo Mi boasts an elegant and neat charm by matching her white top with a long gray skirt. She was wearing stylish and fancy necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and heels, giving off luxurious vibes. 

Park Joo Mi met with acquaintances and talked with them inside the hanok. She lit up the place with a youthful visual that makes it hard to believe that she is in her 50s.

park joo mi

Park Joo Mi was born in 1972 and turned 51 years old this year. She made her debut in the 21st MBC recruitment talent contest in 1992.

Since then, Park Joo Mi has appeared in well-known dramas such as Park Joo-mi, MBC ‘Hur Jun’, SBS ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’, and TV Chosun’s ‘Marriage Lyrics For Divorce Music’. She also starred in films such as ‘Man of Vendetta’, ‘The Last Princess’, and ‘Unfinished’.

park joo mi

Park Joo Mi got married in 2001, six months after she met her husband. The two started dating only a month after they first met. 

Park Joo Mi’s husband is the CEO of a leather processing company, and the company’s annual sales are reported to be about 130 billion won. Park Joo Mi also reportedly received a 14 billion won mansion from her parents-in-law after marriage.

Park Joo Mi and her husband have two sons together. Their first son was born in 2002 and is now 21 years old, and their second son is 16 years old, born in 2007.

Source: insight

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