“Park Eun-bin’s acting? It was so natural that I couldn’t tell if she was acting or not”… “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” reviews left by an autistic viewer

ENA’s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, which depicts the survival of lawyer Woo Young-woo with autism spectrum disorder at a large law firm, is drawing sympathy from many viewers. 

After episodes 1 and 2 were aired, reviews left by a Filipino man on an overseas drama review site caught the eyes of drama fans. The reviews, which were written in English, pointed out details that can only be found by those who have the same autism spectrum disorder as the main character in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. Therefore, Sports Seoul contacted and had an interview with JC John Sese Cuneta through the site he left his long drama reviews.

extraordinary attorney woo

– The acting performance of actress Park Eun-bin as Woo Young-woo is currently a hot topic. As a person with autism spectrum disorder, what do young think about that?

She is doing great! Her acting is so natural that I’m starting to wonder if she’s an undiagnosed autistic patient. It was natural to the point that I couldn’t tell if she was acting or not.

Woo Young-woo portrayed by Park Eun-bin is unable to control her fingers. The movements of her eyes through Woo Young-woo are the same as that in reality. People with autism spectrum disorder show different behaviors. But we all agree that autistic people feel uncomfortable looking someone else in the eye. In addition, the way she walks. Some people might say it is probably an “unreal” characteristic. Autism is a very broad spectrum, so not many autistic people walk the way Woo Young-woo does. In fact, I sometimes walk like that. Woo Young-woo has various characteristics of an autistic person and Park Eun-bin portrayed them so well. 

extraordinary attorney woo

– For those who are not familiar with the characteristics of people with autism spectrum disorder, your reviews have shown that the “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is unique and realistic. What do you think about the drama, which was created from a new perspective centering on autistic people?

It was a very welcome change. I don’t know how Korean media have dealt with autism in the past few years or decades, but movies and TV series with well-researched and appropriate descriptions of autism spectrum disorder are generally rare. What makes “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” even more special is that it focuses on autism. In most of the other works featuring autism, the characters with autism were not the main ones but rather supporting roles.

extraordinary attorney woo

As Woo Young-woo said in episode 3, autism is a ‘spectrum’. There are common and uncommon characteristics, and each characteristic has a varying degree of influence on the individual. They proved that in the 3rd episode of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. I didn’t expect the production crew to cover this story this early but they captured it perfectly. This is the part that many drama and movie producers miss when creating characters with autism.

extraordinary attorney woo

– In a brief review of episode 3, you wrote that the story was emotional and heartbroken. What part of the drama broke your heart the most?

The words that the prosecutor said during the trial. He took advantage of Woo Young-woo’s autism disorder and forced her to leave her position. Roughly speaking, I was expecting this to happen to the Young-woo in court, but the scene still shocked me. The message delivered through the scene is that autistic people are guilty of being born with autism.

extraordinary attorney woo

– Episode 3 was an episode that illustrated the different degrees of autism spectrum disorder. There are people with the autism spectrum who can still work efficiently as a lawyer like Woo Young-woo, but some cannot. How diverse is the spectrum of autistic people, including you and people you’ve seen?

Many autism characteristics coexist in the fictional character Woo Young-woo. I’ve read some reviews by people with autism who think Woo Young-woo cannot be found in reality. Because there can’t be a real autistic lawyer with all of those traits. I agree with them by 50% but I personally don’t think this character is completely unrealistic. 

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

At the same time, I think the screenwriter intentionally drew Woo Young-woo’s character unrealistically. I think they wanted to create a character that could reach as many people as possible, and in addition, emphasize that Woo Young-woo has autism characteristics. Woo Young-woo’s behavioral characteristics may not be realistic in some way but I think this drama is delivering the core traits of autism spectrum disorder through this character

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