Park Bom’s collarbones have been scarred for 3 months? It turns out fans were actually worried over “acupressure patches”

It turned out the patches on her collarbones were patches for lymphatic massage. 

On March 7th, Park Bom’s side spoke up about her bandages to the collarbone area, saying, “It’s not because of the scars on the collarbone There is nothing wrong with her [collarbone] area. They were just acupressure tape patches.” Apparently, Park Bom used the accupressure tape patches for massage. 

park bom

An official also addressed the thyroid gland rumors, saying, “Park Bom has no health problems.”

On March 6th, Park Bom released a photo, showing off her new hime haircut but attention was directed to the patches on her collarbone. Fans worried for her health and htought that it was a way to cover up the scar since they had been there for months. 

However, it was apparently a way Park Bom used for lymphatic massage with accupressure patches. Park Bom has been a fan of the product and used them on her ears on tvN’s entertainment program “ON&OFF” aired in 2021 as well as SBS “Roommate” aired in 2014. This item is known to help reduce swelling in the face and other areas and suppress appetite.

Source: nate

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