Park Bo Gum does this unprecedented thing for BIGBANG Taeyang

Since joining The Black Label, interactions between top actor Park Bo Gum and YG’s stars have garnered a lot of attention.

In early 2023, Park Bo Gum announced he had joined The Black Label, a subsidiary of YG managed by Teddy Park, and immediately became a hot topic. As a top actor in Korea, Park Bo Gum’s decision to choose The Black Label instead of another talent agency had fans guessing about his future direction. Since joining the same agency as BIGBANG Taeyang and Somi, all interactions between Bo Gum and YG stars like BLACKPINK have become a hot topic on social media. Recently, the “Reply 1988” actor did something unprecedented for Taeyang, causing quite a stir.

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Park Bo Gum previously caused a sensation when he appeared in the same photo with BIGBANG Taeyang, as well as BLACKPINK Jennie and Lisa
Taeyang x Park Bo Gum – Seed (special live version)

On the afternoon of May 3rd, Taeyang unexpectedly released a special live version of his latest title track “Seed”, featuring Park Bo Gum. Here, the famous actor showcased his piano skills with grace. Combined with Taeyang’s sweet and emotional voice, the duo created a warm and romantic musical atmosphere under the night sky. Even with his simple piano playing, Park Bo Gum shined with every note thanks to his handsome and prince-like visuals.

Park Bo Gum’s first attempt as a pianist for Taeyang, as well as the two’s brotherly bond, has moved fans’ hearts. At the same time, it has proven Park Bo Gum as a multi-talented artist, not only being a skilled actor with diverse roles, but also possessing various musical abilities. 

In fact, Park Bo Gum is also known for being able to sing, dance, and play instruments. As he has signed with The Black Label, fans now expect Park Bo Gum to explore not only acting, but also music.

With Park Bo Gum’s participation, Taeyang once again proved his “legendary idol” status by easily collaborating with top stars on his solo projects. Recently, Taeyang’s album “Down to Earth” features global idols BLACKPINK Lisa and BTS Jimin, and the BIGBANG member also promotes his new songs with famous juniors like TWICE, Somi, SEVENTEEN, and more.

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Taeyang can be considered a “diplomat” in the entertainment industry with his wide connections

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