On the day of Rosé and Kang Dong Won’s dating rumor, YG drops unexpected news 

YG Entertainment, which has been gaining attention due to BLACKPINK Rosé’s dating rumor, is attracting attention with unexpected news.

On April 17th, YG Entertainment announced that it will proceed with the “2023 First Half Public Recruitment” until the 30th of the same month.

This recruitment will be divided into general recruitment and internship programs. The job positions include A&R, design, visual, trend research, artist marketing, photography, management, concert production, concert planning, IT development, IT planning, and fitness care.

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For the general recruitment process, the final successful candidates will be announced in June after a document screening, practical interview, and executive interview. Additional screening may be conducted depending on the job position.

YG Creative Internship Program is a 10-week program that provides education and practical experience for selecting talented individuals with excellent sense and creativity in the fields of A&R, design, and visual.


Meanwhile, the internship recruitment process will consist of task selection and PT interviews that can verify original and creative ideas. Curriculums such as artist branding-based concept planning and mentoring will be developed, and opportunities to switch to regular workers will be given depending on the evaluation results during the internship period.

Regarding the public recruitment in the first half of this year, YG said, “It is an important time to grow global growth momentum for the continuous development of the K-pop music industry”, adding, “We ask for the interest of passionate talents who will realize and create this vision together.”

Kang Dong Won

Meanwhile, a dating rumor involving BLACKPINK Rosé and former YG actor Kang Dong Won broke out in the morning of the same day. In particular, some netizens raised the dating rumors after the two were seen allegedly wearing the same accessory and enjoying private gatherings together.

Regarding this, YG initially stated that they are unable to confirm the rumor since it’s the artist’s private life. However, the agency later announced an additional position to refute all speculations, saying, “Rosé’s dating rumor is not true.”

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