Olympic bias judgment leads to fierce debate between BTS’s fandom ARMY and Chinese netizens

SCMP reported on this on February 9th and explained in detail.

Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported that the biased judgment made in the men’s short-track 1,000 metres semi-final race at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics ignited a war between BTS‘s fandom ARMY and Chinese netizens.

Olympic bias judgment

On the 7th, BTS leader RM posted a post cheering for Hwang Dae-heon, who was unfairly disqualified from the men’s short-track 1,000 metres semi-final. On his Instagram, RM uploaded a video of Hwang Dae-heon overtaking two Chinese players in the semi-finals to rise to the top spot. He then added clapping hands and thumbs-up emojis to the video.

After seeing this, several Chinese netizens posted puke emojis before the comments section on RM’s account was disabled. In addition, Chinese netizens expressed their fury at the idol on the Chinese social media site Weibo through the hashtag #BTSinsultingChina.

Olympic bias judgment

In response, ARMY came out and started to “purify” the comment section. ARMYs went to the Instagram posts with extreme negative comments and left a series of purple heart emojis symbolizing BTS so that the puke emojis were not displayed. Social media users around the world were bewildered by the debate and couldn’t understand why Chinese netizens were so angry.

Previously, Hwang Dae-heon finished first in the men’s short-track 1,000 metres semi-final race held on the 7th but was disqualified and failed to advance to the finals.

Olympic bias judgment

Lee Jun-seo, who was in Group 2 of the semi-finals, also crossed the finish line with 2nd place in the group, but was disqualified. It was because he had committed a foul when changing lanes in the video analysis. Therefore, not a single Korean athlete made it to the final in the men’s short-track 1000 metres race.

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