Oh!GG surpasses EXO’s record and becomes a formidable opponent for “Rookie of the year” awards

24 hours after the release, “Lil’ Touch” brings much highly anticipated achievements to Oh!GG.

At 6 pm (KST) September 5th, SNSD – Oh!GG’s new song “Lil’ Touch” was released on online music sites. At first, it seemed like SM did not put much effort into the quality of the song as Oh!GG is just a five-member unit from former SNSD. However, fans are surprised at the achievements “Lil’ Touch” has made so far on music charts. This achievement has proved the passionate interest of music fans for SM’s talented girls.

“Lil’ Touch” became SM Entertainment’s most watched MV!

After 24 hours of release, “Lil’ Touch” had surpassed 9M views and officially defeated EXO to become SM Entertainment’s most watched MV! (Ko Ko Bop’s record was 8.833.669 views in 24 hours). The achievement was so impressive for a song of a group unit. Up to now, it has been maintaining #1 on top trends in Youtube Korea, Thailand and other countries.

Oh!GG officially surpasses EXO to become a group that has most viewed MV for a SM artist in 24 hours.

The song holds its top spot on iChart Realtime after one day of release.

“Lil’ Touch” of Oh!GG is now only behind “Siren” of Sunmi and tied for the second place with Shaun’s “Way Back Home”. The track successfully defeated many strong rivals to maintain its #2 place in the first day.

On iChart Realtime, the song is at #2, same place with summer hit “Way Back Home”.

It broke the record of their senior – “SNSD”, ruling iTunes charts of 21 countries.

Single “Lil’ Touch” has now won first place on “Itunes Album Charts” in 21 countries, breaking the record of SNSD when they had previously taken up the first spot in 20 nations with “Holiday”.

Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG 소녀시대-Oh!GG ‘몰랐니 (Lil’ Touch)’ MV

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