Oh Ji Yul, who plays Ha Ye Sol in “The Glory”, is rumored to have her height “reduced” on-screen

A comparison photo of a scene from “The Glory” and the behind-the-scenes footage draws attention. 

Following the end of “The Glory”, fans are taking a look back at some of the potentially missed details during the run of the drama. One of the details that receives attention is the height of Ha Ye Sol (Oh Ji Yul). 

the glory

Specifically, a Chinese netizen posted on their personal SNS a new detail they found in episode 7 of the drama, where Ye Sol encountered Jeon Jae Joon (Park Sung Hoon) at the traffic light. According to this netizens, Ji Yul’s height was “reduced” in this particular scene. 

the glory

To strengthen the argument, the poster also attached a behind-the-scenes photo, which shows that Ji Yul was kneeling on a stack of pillows while filming for the scene, in order to create the illusion of the height difference that was shown on-screen. With the two pictures in mind, the poster believed that the crew “reduced” the child actress’ height. 

the glory
The behind-the-scenes photos showed Oh Ji Yul kneeling on a stack of pillows 
the glory
The comparison photo of the scene and the behind-the-scenes 

The opinion was quickly met with mixed opinions. On the one hand, many audience members accepted the theory as they knew the Korean filming industry is well-known for their special effects. On the other hand, other viewers believed Oh Ji Yul was not tall enough to begin with; hence, it would not have been necessary to “reduce” her height. 

Looking at the whole cut from episode 7, it is said that Ji Yul had a similar height as her peers and believed that the pillows might have been used for other purposes rather than adjusting the actress’ height. 

the glory
Ye Sol’s height portrayed in the drama 

Nonetheless, the ongoing discussion goes to show how popular “The Glory” is and the sheer amount of attention directed to the cast, whether main or supporting.

Meanwhile, born in 2014, Oh Ji Yul is a sought-after child actress for her adorable appearance and amazing acting performances on “The Glory” and “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.” 

Source: K14

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