“Nth Room” Cho Ju-bin, the reason why he forced the victims to make the “pinky finger pose”

Cho Ju-bin’s heinous thoughts, which made a content business out of sexual exploitation videos, are revealed.

Channel A’s “Black: Saw the Devil,” which will air at 11 p.m. on May 13th, deals with Cho Ju-bin, a criminal from “Doctor’s Room” who made use of other people’s weaknesses and felt superior only with that power.

Cho Ju-bin is a sex offender who produced sexual exploitation videos and distributed those through dozens of chat rooms. He threatened the victims to follow his instructions by blackmailing them with their personal information, including their identification cards and bank accounts. Cho Ju-bin called the victims “slaves” and made them take a “signature pose” in which they raised their pinky fingers for each sexual exploitation video.

Choi Gwi-hwa was speechless at the word “slave,” saying, “How can he use the word “slave” like that?” Criminal profiler, professor Kwon Il-yong said, “It is a ridiculously violent word,” adding, “In fact, to those chat rooms’ participants, these ‘slaves’ each has a weakness, so they can never report the case. They can just pour out their sexual fantasies as much as they want,” he said, explaining Cho’s vicious behavior.

Cho Ju-bin

Professor Kwon also said, “Cho Ju-bin told the court that he was trying to let the victims know that they were his victim,” adding, “I think he felt superior by controlling the victims and thought that his behavior was not a crime, but the creation of a new culture.”

The evidence that Cho Ju-bin thought of people only as money or goods was not only in the “slave certification”. Director Jang Jin said, “Cho Ju-bin created a database called ‘The Encyclopedia’ in which the victims’ personal information were recorded, in which he described and mocked women like a product,” adding, “This ‘The Encyclopedia’ had sensitive personal information such as the victims’ school and SNS accounts.”

Guest Mi-yeon, after seeing that Cho Ju-bin posted a post saying “The doctor’s work has both a good story and the passion of the cast,” she said, “Did he refer to the victims as the ‘cast’?”

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