Noze Shares Thoughts About Receiving Attention For Her Beauty, “It Makes Me Doubt My Dance Skills”

Dancer Noze honestly talked about the keen public attention on her appearance instead of her dance skills

On October 1st, Lee Jung and Noze guested on the new web entertainment show “Gabee’s Rising Star” hosted by dancer Gabee.

Lee Jung, Noze and Gabee showed off their amazing chemistry as the Leaders of “Street Woman Fighter”.

dancer noze

That day, Lee Jung talked about her first impression of Noze. She said, “Noze was famous for her beauty, but she’s actually a very good dancer”, adding “I also want to get praised for looking pretty but I guess people are more enthusiastic about my dance performances. It took a while for me to admit that.”

dancer noze

Hearing that, Noze confessed, “I also started to doubt myself. I admitted that I still lack a lot in terms of skills, but I felt very upset about thoughts like, ‘Was I that bad?’”, adding “I wanted to have Lee Jung’s attitude. There was a significant difference in views between posting dance videos and posting my own pictures on social media. Before talking to Lee Jung, I felt very unfair, but as we shared our concerns with each other, I realized that we are quite the same in thoughts.”

Lee Jung also shared, “Apart from Noze’s beauty, she has a great power. She makes you wonder what she’s wearing. All the products she wears are sold out. I also wanted people to show interest in what I wear. I really envied that power of Noze”.

Source: Daum

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