Now 42 years old, Lee Dong Wook is being called “uncle” instead of “oppa” by fans 

Netizens show explosive reactions to Lee Dong Wook idol-level messaging skills. 

Universe Private Message is a messenger app that allows communication between artists and fans for a fee. Through this app, many idols share their daily life with fans through a private messages format or send private selfies to maintain their existing fandom and induce a new fan base.

Recently, famous actor Lee Dong Wook, now 42 years old, surprised netizens as he started using this app, which is mostly used by young idols.

However, against expectations, the actor proves to be excellent at it, proven through transcripts of the conversations Lee Dong Wook had with fans. His fan service, which was published by fans through various online communities, started to draw attention.

In addition, as shown through the messages, fans often call Lee Dong Wook an “uncle” (ahjussi) rather than “oppa”, which caused netizens to laugh. 

Lee Dong Wook also showed an unpretentious appearance by confiding everything from trivial daily stories to his thoughts to fans. He continued to talk with fans for an hour without a break, exuding a friendly charm without flaws.

As a result, the actors have been showered in positive comments like “Can an actor be this good at fan service messages”, “Lee Dong Wook reads and responds to messages well”, and “I want to watch Lee Dong Wook’s works”.

Source: wikitree

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