Not Lee Jong Suk, netizens think IU should get married to Yoo In Na 

Singer IU and actress Yoo In Na revealed their “soulmate-level” relationship that makes people say they should get married.

On April 4th, the second part of the “IU’s Palette” episode which features actress Yoo In Na was uploaded on IU’s official YouTube channel.

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In the second part, IU and Yoo In Na discussed the song “Drama”, which IU mentioned in the first part. According to IU, her muse is Yoo In Na, and they seem to be connected by an unknown and mysterious bond.

“I only asked In Na to hang out with me”, IU also said. 

The song “Drama” was written and composed by IU in 2014 and officially released in her special mini-album “Pieces”’ in 2021.

Regarding “Drama”, IU revealed for the first time that it is an old song that she made for Yoo In Na. 


In particular, Yoo In Na explained, “I vividly remember what cafe we were in and even which seat we were sitting at the time. I was talking off the top of my head about how I feel about love and why the love changes. I don’t know, I was just venting. But IU changed those ugly words I had spit out into a beautiful, fairytale-like song.”

“There was a moment I felt that IU is a genius and a true artist”, the actress also added.

Meanwhile, IU recalled this process, which took place about 10 years ago, and shared, “I think I remember it as well. You were talking in a sad tone. So I was like, “Maybe I can make it cute”. So I wrote a cute song. And when I showed the song to In Na at first, you laughed out loud, you were laughing so hard and said, ‘This is so fun.”

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According to IU, she used to only sing “Drama” as an encore for the concert that Yoo In Na attended. However, the fans loved it and requested for an official release, so she eventually decided to reveal the song. 

IU then asked Yoo In Na to explain her new leading role in ENA’s upcoming drama “Bo Ra! Deborah!”. 


In response, Yoo In Na replied, “I have played roles that are adorable and dating someone so far, but this time, I play the role of a dating coach, who gives love advice. So you can see various types of couples and relate to all of their stories. And you’ll find them so adorable and amusing.”

After hearing Yoo In Na’s story, IU mentioned, “As your friend, watching those shows, you are giving such good advice on the show and you’re in a great romantic relationship in a drama. But you cry a lot when you are actually dating someone.”

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She also added that Yoo In Na has been taking care of her well for over 10 years. 

Finally, Yoo In Na revealed that she wrote a poem for IU, saying, “So far, you have surprised me with a number of surprise events or gifts. But I don’t think I have done such things for you. So I wanted to surprise you with a touching event. For IU, since I don’t know how to write a song, I wrote a poem in a letter format.”

“I really want to see IU get touched, I must see IU tearing up after reading it. So I wrote this poem”, she also added, before reading the beautiful words dedicated to her “one and only soulmate”. 

On the other hand, netizens who listened to the poem can help but feel touched and left appreciative comments. Below are some comments from these netizens: 

  • If their relationship is that deep, they should just get married
  • I guess they’re really soulmates
  • It’s so nice to see the two of them
  • I hope they continue to be together for a long time
  • You can see how they cherish each other
  • They really love each other.

Source: wikitree

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