“Next target is Jang Won-young”, the culprit who hacked Lee Do Hyun’s account issued a warning

In a situation where actor Lee Do-hyun’s Instagram account was hacked, the hacker predicted an additional “terrorist attack”.

On the early morning of the 24th, many of Lee Do-hyun‘s Instagram posts were deleted. His Instagram then posted pictures of rats, Brazilian flags, and unknown foreign men, raising questions that his account has been hacked. 

Later, the hacker posted a picture of Lee Do-hyun and said, “I’m just doing this as a joke, all his posts will be uploaded again and everything will return to normal,” adding, “This was to spend time as I was bored.”

He added, “I’ll change the password and go back to my original account so that his team can log in, so you don’t have to worry. I hope you find a better advisor after this incident,” he added.

In particular, the hacker said, “The next target is Jang Won-young. I hope you look forward to it,” he said, tagging Jang Won-young‘s SNS account and leaving a warning.

In the meantime, Yuehua emphasized, “As the posts uploaded and all activities related to the account until the account is restored are irrelevant to actor Lee Do-hyun, we hope there won’t be any damage to Lee Do-hyun.”

Source: wikitree

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