New two-shot photos of a famous actor-singer couple released 5 years after their wedding pictures

Jo Jung Suk and Gummy have been married for 5 years but they rarely appear in public together.

Actor Jo Jung Suk recently made a guest appearance at the last Seoul show of ballad singer Gummy on February 5th and helped his wife wrap up her 20th-anniversary national concert tour “BE ORIGIN”.

Showing up as Gummy’s husband, Jo Jung Suk showed off his talents and made the audience laugh with his witty talks. 

Jo Jung-suk Gummy

Introducing Jo Jung Suk before he went on the stage, Gummy said, “Finally, finally… The person you all really want to meet, Jo Jung Suk is finally here.” She added, “I went to various places to perform and everyone, especially old women, always asked me, ‘Is Jo Jung Suk coming?’. It was very hard to invite him.”

In response, Jo Jung Suk said, “You’re so pretty today”, pouring out compliments for his wife while looking at her sweetly.

Jo Jung-suk

Gummy continued, “We don’t often appear in public together, but we’re living well. You guys are watching a rare scene. We’re husband and wife”, adding “I can’t just let you go inside like this so I’ll ask you one thing that I’m curious about. When do you think your wife looks the prettiest?”

Jo Jung Suk replied, “You do look pretty today. But personally, I like you with your bare face without makeup. I don’t think there are many people who have seen Gummy’s bare face. Her bare face is the prettiest”, drawing admiration from fans.

Jo Jung Suk Gummy thumbnail

Jo Jung Suk confessed that she had waited a long time to participate in Gummy’s concert as a guest. He shared, “This is her 20th-anniversary concert so I thought ‘She should invite me’”, adding “Every time she came home after performing a concert, I always asked, ’Who was your guest today?’. I’m really embarrassed and honored to be here today.”

Jo Jung Suk brought out an acoustic guitar and performed a fantastic duet with Gummy, where he sang the OST “Shallow” from “A Star is Born”, and also sang the OST “Aloha” from the drama “Hospital Playlist”. He also wore sunglasses and sang “Uptown Funk” passionately, expressing his talent that fans have been waiting for.

Meanwhile, Jo Jung Suk and Gummy got married in 2018 and have a daughter. The actor also recently appeared on “You Quiz on the Block” and showed the image of a fond father towards his daughter.

Source: daum

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