New K-drama “Woori the Virgin” has the weirdest plot: virgin female lead got pregnant due to medical mishap?

Despite its weird premise, the newly released K-drama “Woori the Virgin” has a promising start.

Woori the Virgin” recently made its debut on the Korean small screen. Adapted from the American romcom “Jane the Virgin”, the series follows Oh Woori, who gets pregnant despite never having sex. The cause of this is a medical mishap where a doctor accidentally injected our female lead with the seeds of a complete stranger. 

The stranger in question is Raphael (played by actor Sung Hoon), the CEO of a sponsor for Woori’s ongoing project. He starts to develop feelings for Woori after a series of incidents, but unfortunately, Woori is already dating her boyfriend Lee Gang Jae. 

The plot of “Woori the Virgin”: one-of-a-kind yet still familiar

While there are only 2 episodes released, “Woori the Virgin” has already proved itself as watch-worthy. The plot may seem weird at first sight, but there are still certain tropes and feelings we often spot in K-dramas. 

For instance, “Woori the Virgin” has moments that focus on familial love. Due to her unexpected pregnancy, Woori struggles to pursue her dream of becoming a singer. 

When she was a child, Woori once heard her mother complaining to her grandma, and ever since started to think of herself as a burden. She even tortured herself over it, but later has resolved this misunderstanding and embraced the love between mother and daughter. 

Woori The Virgin
Oh Woori is not a novel female character. 

The second familiar detail lies in Oh Woori’s personality. Our female lead, like many other K-drama female protagonists, are just as meek, naive, and kind-hearted. In fact, she can be said to be a classic “Cinderella” of the Korean small screen. 

In addition, despite being a rom-com, “Woori the Virgin” won’t just be full of laugh and love. There are actually two villains – Lee Ma Ri and her mother Byeon Mi Ja. 

Woori The Virgin
Lee Ma Ri is Raphael’s evil ex-wife. 
Woori The Virgin
And Byeon Mi Ja is her cunning mother. 

Byeon Mi Ja, in particular, is evil through and through. This scheming woman has faked her daughter’s background and profile and got her married into a rich family. She also assists Ma Ri in all her sneaky deeds, and tries her best to maintain her daughter’s position. 

While Raphael was getting treatment, Ma Ri cheated on him and got blackmailed by the man she cheated with. The next morning, Woori discovered this man dead, and Woori’s boyfriend Lee Gang Jae got appointed to the case. With this trajectory, “Woori the Virgin” will also incorporate investigation elements alongside its romantic plot. 

Woori The Virgin
The unfortunate victim of Ma Ri and her mother. 

Another interesting character is Woori’s father, who has long disappeared from her life. Turns out, he was a famous actor all along, and will even star in Woori’s upcoming work. Twists after twists, “Woori the Virgin” really promises a hectic journey for viewers. 

Woori The Virgin
The famous actor Choi Sung Il…
Woori The Virgin
…is actually Woori’s biological father, which she has no idea about. 

 A promising start but nothing is guaranteed

All in all, “Woori the Virgin” will surely bring a new wind to the K-drama world. It is certainly not the normal rom-com, and is by no means similar to classics like the recent hit “Business Proposal”

However, with all the aforementioned details, “Woori the Virgin” will run the risk of going downhill if the screenwriter slacks off. The love triangle between Lee Gang Jae, Oh Woozi, and Raphael will be tough to resolve, and while Raphael poses a stronger chance of winning over the female lead, the audience still hopes for a happy ending for all three of them. 

Woori The Virgin
Whether he gets the girl or not, Lee Gang Jae deserves a happy ending. 

There’s also a slight chance that Oh Woori and Lee Gang Jae will end up together, as the latter has so far been shown to be deeply in love with his girlfriend. He’s still a perfect husband material 2 episodes in! 

The trailer of “Woori the Virgin”.

The original of this K-drama is “Jane the Virgin”, a madly successful American series with 5 seasons and ratings of 7.9, 100%, and 81% on review platforms IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, and TV Guide, respectively. 

“Woori the Virgin” airs every Monday and Tuesday on SBS. 

Source: Afamily

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