New girl group members are caught appearing at YG building, YG is expected to debut another crowded group

Netizens are spreading photos of female trainees gathering at YG building, claiming them to be members of YG’s new girl group.

It’s not easy to get a chance to debut as an artist in a big entertainment company like YG. However, KPOP fans were surprised that YG is now giving the debut opportunity to more young talents. The rumor that said YG would debut another group with many members after TREASURE is causing a stir in public.

Rumors about TREASURE’s junior group are arousing keen attention.

Recently, photos of a lot of trainees coming to the YG building have been spread all over the place on the Internet. It is earlier rumored that YG is planning to debut a new girl group in the second half of 2021, so fans have speculated that these female trainees may be members of that new group. Many netizens even claimed that the day BLACKPINK’s junior group joins the 4th generation lineup is coming really soon.

While other companies are also debuting their new rookies, YG must also be preparing for the official debut of their new girl group.
Photos of trainees claimed to be members of YG’s new group
Some netizens expressed disappointment when the female trainees did not exude the same aura as their seniors 

However, what catches the attention of many netizens is that there are many trainees in the photos. Earlier, Noh Hee Young – CEO of YG Foods had a surprising statement about YG’s soon-to-debut girl group.

She said, “A new girl group after BLACKPINK will make their debut, they’re called Baby Monster. They’re no joke, it’s like 10 Jennies in one group.” The female CEO also revealed that fans could expect a unique rookie group with outstanding trainees.

Although excited, some fans felt annoyed when CEO Noh Hee Young used Jennie to hype the new girl group.

Photos of many female trainees showing up at YG building have quickly drawn much attention. Throughout YG’s history, this major entertainment agency has only launched 2 girl groups. Both 2NE1 and BLACKPINK lead the 2nd and 3rd generation Kpop girl groups in terms of popularity and music. Therefore, Kpop fans are expecting talented rookies to soon continue the success of their YG seniors.

Besides, netizens are also curious about the number of members in the final lineup of YG’s upcoming girl group. YG recently debuted 12-member boy group TREASURE. Therefore, it is possible that the new girl group will consist of around 10 members as rumored.

After TREASURE, the possibility that YG will continue to debut a crowded group is high. 

Many years ago, while SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and many other companies launched large groups, YG did the opposite. BIGBANG, 2NE1, Winner and BLACKPINK all debuted with 4 or 5 members. Nowadays, while Gen 4 rookie groups only have 4 or 7 people, the number of members in YG’s new group increases to 10. The agency’s strategy of going against the majority made the public confused.

The news on YG’s new girl group drew a lot of attention. Not stopping there, people also doubted this group’s name as Baby Monster when it was discovered that the agency registered Baby Monster and BaeMon (abbreviated name) in January 2020.


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