Netizens shocked by “Reborn Rich” Jin Do Joon’s unexpected proposal in the interrogation room

Although only one episode is left before “Reborn Rich” ends, the drama still receives criticism over its love line.

As JTBC’s Fri-Sat-Sun drama “Reborn Rich” goes toward the end, the tension in the story also increases. It is still unclear how the drama wrap.

reborn rich

Amid the thrilling developments of the succession battle, there is one thing that viewers have criticized as “a flaw in the crystal” from the beginning of the drama. 

It’s the “awkward and half-done” love line between the male lead Jin Do Joon and the female lead Seon Min Young.

reborn rich

In episode 15 aired on December 24th, their love line scene, which is the interrogation room proposal, made viewer frown as it happened out of the blue and broke immersion. 

Facing Seo Min Young in the prosecution office’s interrogation room, Jin Do Joon suddenly confessed, “If weightlifter Jang Mi Ran wins the silver medal, let’s date again”.

reborn rich
reborn rich

Jin Do Joon continued with a proposal, saying “If Jang Mi Ran is selected to compete in the Beijing Olympics, let’s get married”.

Netizens who watched the episode responded that they were completely dumbfounded by this scene. 

Criticizing the love line as “unreasonable”, many viewers commented, “He determines whether they should date again based on Jang Mi Ran’s medal”, “Although the genre of this drama is not romance, shouldn’t there be at least a simple narrative for the love line? Does it make sense to get married because Jang Mi Ran participates in the Beijing Olympics?”, “Has ‘Reborn Rich’ writer ever written a romance? Do sports have any relation to love?”, “But the silver medal… I don’t think it’s an appropriate line to be said in the interrogation room. I can’t understand any second of that scene at all”, “I’ve never seen anyone ask his ex-girlfriend to date again in an interrogation room. It’s the first time in a while I’ve seen a drama with such an unreasonable love line”, “Can anyone explain to me the relation between Jang Mi Ran winning a silver medal and dating again?”, etc.

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Some even pointed out that the love line narrative and conversations between the two were awkward. They commented, “The writer is so bad at portraying a love line. The two began dating and filmed a kiss scene because of the news about Seo Taiji’s comeback, and now he’s proposing to marry her through an event related to Jang Mi Ran. What kind of girl would be touched by such a proposal? I can’t understand both the writer and the director”, “I let it pass once because it was Seo Taiji, but repeating the same excuse is too much”, “The love line is definitely the biggest flaw in this drama. I like to see romantic scenes in a drama but this love line doesn’t look sincere at all”, etc.

reborn rich

A netizen wrote a general review about the drama like an expert and drew keen attention from “Reborn Rich” viewers. They said, “I think criticism occurred because the proportion of Seo Min Young, which is not considered a main character in the original work, was increased in the drama. Although the original story was already good, and the actors’ acting are amazing, I still don’t think this drama is a well-made adaptation.”

Episode 16 of “Reborn Rich”, which is also the last episode, will air at 10:30 p.m. on December 25th.

Source: wikitree

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