Netizens react to Jang Won Young checking the brand tag of Leeseo’s clothes during IVE’s live broadcast

The video showing Jang Won Young checking Leeseo’s clothing brand tag to see if they wore the same clothes is being re-examined.

Girl group IVE will release their first full album “I’ve IVE” soon. With only one day left until the group’s official comeback day (April 10th), IVE-related contents are pouring out on SNS sites and online communities.

Among them, a live broadcast hosted by Jang Won Young, Ahn Yu Jin and Leeseo last year is attracting netizens’ attention again.


During the broadcast, the three focused on reading fans’ comments. When a fan asked, “Isn’t Leeseo’s outfit the one Jang Won Young wore in the video filmed in the recording studio?”. Jang on Young responded, “That’s right. I think I wore that clothes in the recording studio video”.

She turned to Leeseo and asked, “Did you buy it?”. Leeseo replied, “No, it’s Rei unnie’s clothes”.

Jang Won Young reacted, “Oh really? Wait a second. Please check the tag for me”, asking Ahn Yu Jin, who was sitting next to Leeseo, to check the clothing brand.


After checking the tag, Ahn Yu Jin confirmed, “It’s not the same clothes. Not that one”. Jang Won Young then explained, “Oh, I see. It looks so similar. I wore something similar to this on a reality show released yesterday. It was a different one.”

Ahn Yu Jin touched Leeseo’s clothes and said, “They look so similar. Both are pretty”, then changed to a different topic.


Internet users who watched this video gave divided reactions to Jang Won Young’s behaviors. Some said, “Leeseo already said it was Rei’s clothes. I think it was a bit inappropriate that she (Jang Won Young) even checked the tag during the live broadcast”, “Regardless of the reason, I would feel bad if someone check the tag of my clothes”, etc.

Meanwhile, others argued, “I think Jang Won Young was only trying to see if they wore clothes from the same brand”, “She might have checked the tag out of curiosity. I don’t think there’s a problem with it”, etc.

Source: Insight

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