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“It’s okay since they rented it” vs “It’s absolutely illegal”… Netizens get divided over “Running Man” illegal parking controversy

The production team of “Running Man” admitted and apologized for illegally parking in the disabled’s parking area, but there has been constant debate among netizens.

SBS’ entertainment program “Running Man” has been embroiled in controversy once again. The problematic broadcast was episode 614, which aired on July 31st. This day’s broadcast was filmed at Seoul Mountain Climbing & Culture Center located in Sangam-dong, Seoul. The members, who started the opening, came out of the building after receiving the mission and prepared to move. However, this scene was controversial as the staff’s vehicles were parked in the disabled’s parking area outside the building.

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After the broadcast, viewers pointed out illegal parking, and the production team quickly posted an apology on August 1st, the day after the broadcast.

The production team said, “The production team confirmed the team’s vehicles were parked in the disabled’s parking area shown on the July 31st broadcast. This is the inexcusable carelessness of the production team, and we sincerely apologize to the viewers who love and support ‘Running Man’.”

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Regarding the reason for illegal parking, they explained, “In order to create a safe filming environment, the production team rented the entire building of Seoul Mountain Climbing & Culture Center for the filming. In this process, we found out that vehicles were parked in the parking zone for the disabled. ‘Running Man’ is responsible for this incident and we will try to be more careful in our broadcast production in order to prevent recurrences.”

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Fans’ reactions to the apology were mixed. While there was a position that “There is no problem because not only the entire building was rented on the closing day, but also the production team apologized”, there was a counterargument that “No matter how much the building was rented, things that are illegal do not change”.

In particular, netizens who viewed the incident critically said they were disappointed by the members who ignored vehicles illegally parked in the disabled’s parking area. They also claimed that the cast was partly at fault.

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