Netizens are crazy about the beauty of BLACKPINK Jisoo’s mother

Jisoo (BLACKPINK) is fortunate to inherit all the beauty features from her beautiful mother.

Jisoo (BLACKPINK) is a Kpopfamous visual, possessing a perfectly beautiful face, dubbed “Miss Korea”.  The female idol’s siblings also have impressive looks, making netizens believe that Jisoo’s parents must have outstanding appearances  

Images of the mother of a female idol went viral recently. Jisoo’s mother appears to be youthful, gorgeous, and surprisingly wealthy in this sequence of images. In terms of delicate facial characteristics, a high nose, gentle beauty, the BLACKPINK member and her mother are quite similar. Jisoo is a flawless replica, possessing all of the attributes of her gorgeous mother. Jisoo’s mother is rumored to be the wife of the CEO of the entertainment firm that manages MAMAMOO or a well-known TV station. Her family has a lot of connections with Korean producers, directors, and MCs because of this. Heechul, for example, is close friends with the father of this female idol.

Jisoo seems quite similar to her mother in this set of images, from her nose to her delicate face, soft and noble feminine beauty.
At many moments, they are 90% similar.  Jisoo’s mother has become a grandmother but still looks young and radiant, beautiful and luxurious.  She is beautiful like a movie star. 
Luckily, the BLACKPINK member fully inherits the beautiful features from her mother, especially her lips and eyes
Although not a celebrity, her sister still makes netizens feverish because she is so beautiful.  Some people think that she resembles actress Han Hyo Joo
The female idol brother is also very handsome, but unfortunately, he did not follow the path of being a celebrity
As for Jisoo, even though she’s so beautiful, she used to admit that she was… the ugliest in her family. 
“Perfect” is the correct word to describe Jisoo’s face

Source: K14

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