“National Girlgroup” Member Recalled Being Criticized For Having Muscles When She Debuted

It’s Hyoyeon of the girl group Girls' Generation

Hyoyeon has shown incredible talent in dancing since her childhood and became the only female trainee at SM who was assigned to a male idol trainee dance class. Hyoyeon boasted solid muscles because poppin and rocking were her specialty, but at the beginning of her debut, when she had to dance in a short skirt, she received a lot of negative reviews because of these muscles.


To get rid of her muscles, the female idol went on a diet by eating only Pringles, a salty snacks. Hyoyeon said she felt like she was eating less because she wasn’t full even when she ate three or three bags of snacks. She eventually gained weight because she didn’t understand how calories or nutritional balance work at the young age of 19.

Hyoyeon was criticized again for her weight gain, which took away her confidence. However, throughout her long career in the entertainment industry, the idol now doesn’t care what anyone says. She said, “If someone criticize at me, I might even fight with them.”

This year marks the 16th anniversary of Hyoyeon’s debut and she has been busy without a break.

Source: daum

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