Top 5 prettiest female rookie Kpop idols as voted by fans

Recently, with the strong growth of Kpop, new idol groups continue to debut. Notably, the female rookies’ visuals are highly appreciated.

Through a recent survey on Kpopmap, among the most beautiful members of rookie girl groups, 5 female idols that receive the most votes from fans are Secret Number’s Soodam, aespa’s Winter and Karina, Weeekly’s Soojin, and STAYC’s Yoon. 

Secret Number’s Soodam 

Leading this ranking is Soodam with 6,225 votes. The female idol born in 1999 is currently Secret Number’s lead vocalist and visual.

5 prettiest female rookie Kpop

aespa’s Winter

Winter ranks 2nd place with 1,193 votes. Although during the early days of aespa’s debut, the female idol was not considered the most prominent member in terms of visuals, recently, Winter has gained more attention for her pretty appearance.

5 prettiest female rookie Kpop

aespa’s Karina

The leader of aespa, Karina ranks 3rd place. Ever since her debut, Karina has left a strong impression on the public with her AI-like face and sharp features. 

5 prettiest female rookie Kpop

Weeekly’s Soojin

With 705 votes, the leader of Weeekly ranks 4th place. Soojin’s appearance is well-loved for the refreshing and cute vibes of a young girl in her 20s. 

5 prettiest female rookie Kpop

STAYC’s Yoon 

Yoons visuals are constantly praised by Kpop fans after STAYC rose to fame. She is even called a “Gen Z goddess” as she stands out among the current female rookies for her beauty. 

5 prettiest female rookie Kpop

Although there are still mixed reactions to the visuals of these female rookies, it is undeniable that they all look gorgeous. Netizens also expect these girls to occupy top positions in the visual rankings of all Kpop female idols in the future.


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