National Assembly petition regarding Lee Sun Bin’s “false testimony”… “Please introduce law to punish obstruction of justice”

The fact that actress Lee Sun Bin (28) made false statements to the prosecution became known to the world through The Fact’s report, which caused a stir.

Regarding this, on Jan 16th, a National Assembly petition related to Lee Sun Bin‘s “false statement controversy” was made public, and public consent is underway. Choi**, who posted the petition, said, “Not long ago, I couldn’t hide my gloomy feeling when I came across an article related to Lee OO. She deceived the investigative agency, interfered with the suspect’s legitimate punishment and cleverly helped them escape the law. The reality that she could reveal this in court so confidently rather than being punished is truly gloomy. There should be no more unfair victims. In a way, the Republic of Korea today is a world where lying is more advantageous than telling the truth. Please, it is urgent to introduce ‘obstruction of justice’ to protect unfair victims.

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Choi** stressed the need to introduce obstruction of justice, “Many people who suffered losses due to Imagine Asia’s stocks must have read the article with the same mind as me. We need to introduce obstruction of justice as soon as possible so that there are no more unfair victims. The bigger problem is that there are no regulations to punish obstruction of justice, so in some cases, it seems more advantageous to make false statements than to tell the truth during an investigation.

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In the case in which Imagine Asia sued A, the former largest shareholder of WYD (previously Wellmade Yedang), in 2017, Lee Sun Bin claimed that “WYD has nothing to do with A”. Later, in 2021, she testified again that “WYD is owned by A” regarding a dispute between A and B over the ownership of WYD. This content was known to the world on Jan 4th through The Fact’s exclusive report “Lee Sun Bin, controversy over false testimony in court“.

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After The Fact’s report, Lee Sun Bin refuted through her SNS, “If I gave false testimony in court, I should have been punished. Controversy…? Isn’t that you who want to make controversy?

Source: Nate

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