Nam Ji Hyun’s agency: “We are positively considering her appearance on ‘High Cookie'”

Actress Nam Ji Hyun is positively considering appearing in the new drama “High Cookie.”

On Nov 30th, Management SOOP told OSEN, “Nam Ji Hyun is considering positively after receiving a proposal from the new drama ‘High Cookie’.”

“High Cookies” is a drama about a woman who has to go into the swamp to rescue her brother, as a dangerous handmade cookie devours an elite high school that can fulfill everyone’s dream.

Nam Ji-hyun

Nam Ji Hyun is reportedly offered the role of Choi Soo Young, a non-regular worker and head of a factory who only lives to wait for the end of her days. Nam Ji Hyun recently proved her potential as a “trustworthy actress” by playing Oh In Kyung, the second of the three sisters in tvN’s “Little Women.”

Meanwhile, “High Cookie,” which Nam Ji Hyun is positively considering, is currently in full swing on the production schedule.

Source: OSEN

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